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Knowth West entrance during reconstruction 1999 Anthony Murphy



This is a suggested plan of action, bearing in mind the design specifications and proposed strategy:

  1. Raise some seed money to cover expenses for a feasibility study and possible setting up of the Institute. Global Vision is now accepting contributions for this purpose, through our online contribution form. As of February 24, we have already raised US$100 (contributed by Josephine Coffey).

  2. Incorporate the Institute in Ireland as a Trust or non-profit private limited company without shareholders.

  3. Identify and recruit a high-level international advisory board that includes prominent Irish personalities and at least one eminently-qualified archaeologist, astronomer, anthropologist and art historian.

  4. Apply for charitable tax-exemption from the Irish Revenue Commission.

  5. Seek in-kind contributions, donations of seed-money, and membership fees from supporters to cover the first six months' overhead. This should include enough money for minimum travel and operating expenses, incorporation, launch event, feasibility study, operations research, personnel search, budget calculation, business plan, grant applications and funding search.

  6. Secure funding for the first three years of operations including core staff.

  7. Find suitable premises for the Institute's offices in or near Dublin.

  8. Organise a high-profile press conference and launch event to promote awareness of the Institute and of its campaign to effect a paradigm-shift in Irish archaeology. This launch event should have a strong symbolic focus on removing the concrete slab which blocks the Eastern passage at Knowth, and might include speeches by prominent Irish personalities and some entertainment in the form of a concert, video clip or TV broadcast by well-known musicians (e.g. Paddy Moloney or Bono) performing at Knowth.

  9. Convince Dúchas and other relevant governmental bodies (if any) to immediately suspend and reconsider all restoration plans for Knowth, Dowth and Tara, and provide a guarantee that no other Irish megalithic sites be allowed to suffer the same fate as Knowth, and that no sites, excavations and artefacts will become private property.

  10. Convince Dúchas and other relevant governmental bodies to remove the concrete slab which blocks the Eastern passage at Knowth.

  11. Convince Dúchas and other relevant governmental bodies that archaeological research and conservation of the sites must come before the interests of commercial tourism.

  12. Be prepared to take legal action against Dúchas if it does not co-operate.


Please email your comments to Michael O'Callaghan at or contact him at our London office.



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